Construction updates

I've added a pic of the nose gear steer damper installed, this is a hydraulic rotary damper using silicone fluid. I've also started work on changes to the gearbox to handle the LS7 torque input. Changing the prop control system. Changing to a single airframe controller from the network double system it has now, and with more inputs and outputs.


Moved into a larger shop, double the size at 3600 sq ft. I had needed to do that for awhile now and things fell into place so it went ahead. Can now have the aircraft fully assembled at the shop and also have room to work on more parts and pieces, this was almost impossible before.

I've reworked the flap logic to simplify their function. Have worked on the landing gear and the engine ECU programming quite a bit. Moved the mains back 4.6", this gets it to the correct angle from the tyre contact patch to the CG from before. Changed the nosegear from a zero castor/ trail type to a 5 degree castor/ zero trail setup. Changed the hated polyurethane nosewheel to a pneumatic tyre.

Have had issues with the MAP sensor giving false readings. I'm very impressed with how complex and tuneable the GM ECU is, have had to learn a lot for that to be able to tune it.

Working on the mid spar fuel cells as well. I did the initial CG check. Was right in the middle of the range with just me sitting in it, not bad, but I need it to move about 2" forward in that condition so I moved the batteries from the aft cockpit and put one on the seatback and the other in a space I had reserved on the lower left firewall.

The gear doors aren't fully finished but we are working on them. Be sure to see all of the pages at this site and I will answer all inquiries received.